Andreas Rathammer, Engineer and me ©GK-Movies

GK Vienna Film Orchestra ©GK-Movies

Orchestrator Bernhard Eder, talking to the orchestra ©GK-Movies

Preparing the session.. ©Manfred Obernosterer

Jazzclub Klagenfurt, Austria ©Manfred Obernosterer

Conducting the ensemble.. ©Manfred Obernosterer

Brother Thomas, recording engineer ©Manfred Obernosterer

Konstantin Stieger, Kontrabass ©Manfred Obernosterer

Uncharted - Eye of Indra Trailer from Florian Milz on Vimeo.

You can hear my track "Nero's Adventure" in the trailer for the upcoming Fanfilm "Uncharted: Eye of Indra", based on Naughty Dog's Original Motion Comic "Uncharted - Eye of Indra".

The Plot:
American treasure hunter Nathan Drake is being hired by shady businessman Mr. Pinkerton to find a lost indonesian treasure. With the help of two companions Rika & Eddy they find the treasure in the most of unexpected places.

Also check out the stunning original soundtrack for the movie, composed by Markus Zierhofer

I had the pleasure to score the movie intro animation for the viennese film production company 'Old Shoe Films'.

This tune features live recorded cello, flute and piccolo flute, besides percussion and an orchestral ensemble.
Cello played by Christina Ruf;
Flute and Piccolo played by Veronika Vitazkova - Thank you both.

I'm proud to say that I have joined the composer agency SMA Talent, based in London as a SMART Composer.

More Infos and Link to my SMA Profile coming soon!

Rush Rush Rush. I worked on a special project with award winning film director Dave Lojek from Berlin. We had to produce a short film in no more than 60 hours in the course of the movie festival Kino Cuntra 2013 Graz/Austria. Dave hired me as the music guy, and I ended up composing the soundtrack in approx. 5 hours. The result may not be be the most perfect short in history of film, but it's solid and it showed that a few people can get creative within moments to work together on a decent project. It was fun I got in touch with a lot of creativos during Kino Cuntra 2013. See you soon again, fellows!


©Photo: Kino Cuntra
I've recently scored an imagefilm for the electronic and software development company LOGICDATA.
Based in Graz/Austria, LOGICDATA is innovation leader and leading supplier in the field of innovative motor controls and operating elements for electronically height-adjustable furniture. Their expertise is the development of intelligent electronics and mechatronics as well as ambitious embedded software.

It was a pleasure for me to score their 3-minute in length imagefilm - here's what came out: (Video in German Language)
PS: For the impatient: Expect the 'drop' at 1:20.


I'm very proud to announce that I am one of 30 composers worldwide, who participate in "Project30". Each composer contributes exactly 30 seconds of their ideas and music, leading to a 15 minute long "masterpiece", as the initiator Christof Unterberger calls it. Once you have written your 30 seconds you may nominate one composer to continue the piece. This is a very exciting project to me and I feel honored that Christof choose me to be a part of it.

Read the official description:
Have you ever played that game where one person starts a story, and then someone else picks up from where they left?

Project30 is exactly that.
A simple idea based on a crazy proposition: That 30 composers can collaborate to create a musical (master) piece.

Each composer can tell their musical story in exactly 30 seconds.

By participating in Project30, each composer must nominate the person to write the subsequent section with only guideline: Someone who can continue or elevate the piece.

Every new section guaranteed to be more enchanting than the previous one. The result can only be an addictive, fifteen minutes of ground-breaking music.

Website - Project30
My friend Simon, aka Stereotype started a new Podcast, called "Pitchin' to GOA". I composed an electronic tune, which is now the prelude to the podcast. Have a listen:

Stereotype and Loopy Luke about their podcast:

"Bringing you the finest selection of psytrance, prog and goa music twelve times a year.
Loopy Luke and Stereotype are known for their passion and energy for psychedelic trance music, always representing their own unique and exclusive style. “Pitchin’ to Goa” is no exception, with each handcrafted episode containing the most quality and the freshest tunes."

You can download the first episode of their podcast for free - just click here.

I recently scored a trailer for very talented Johanna Riess and Dasha Zaichenko, students of the University of applied Arts in Vienna. They made a movie trailer, to celebrate 100 years of existence for the very renowned ‘Votiv’ cinema, in the heart of Austria´s capital.

Their idea was a pan shot through a tier in the the cinema, representing 100 years of society and their fashion habits, leading to the climax at the end of the clip: ’100 Jahre VotivKino’.

I´m glad they asked me, to serve the music for this trailer. To be honest, it was pretty hard, ripping a whole century in barely 55 seconds. I tried hard, to ever achieve a smooth red line trough the clip, created by a big variation of instruments, like: a complete brass section, guitar, drums, organ, piano, vibes and fat synth bass/patterns at the end. I had help from my composer colleague Markus Zierhofer, who did the brass arrangements and additional arranging.

Watch the Trailer here:

'100 Jahre VOTIVkino' from Lukas Obernosterer on Vimeo.

On May 29th in 2013, the short film “Die Lösung” was screened at the well known ‘Vienna Independent Shorts’ Film Festival. I had the pleasure to write some really sweet music for the clip, Christian Machacek produced.

This years topic of the ‘Nights of the Light’ screening, was “Experience Energy”.

Here's the clip:

Interview with the film teams and report on the event: